The theme is:
Word-by-word – Understanding Aphasia
Parole par Parole – Comprendre l’aphasie
Wort für Wort – Aphasie verstehen
Ord för ord – Första afasi
Palabra a palabra – Comprendiendo la afasia

Raising awareness of aphasia is always a central theme for all members of AIA. This year’s theme was chosen to draw attention to
what it means to understand aphasia from the perspective of the person with aphasia, the family – including all the caregivers and persons involved. Aphasia does not only change the lives of persons with aphasia. It also affects the entire family from the onset of aphasia continuing for the rest of the lives of all persons involved. In one single minute the life situation for all the persons changes dramatically. For this reason it is so important to understand aphasia from the various perspectives across the life span. Persons with aphasia as well as their families need support at the various stages of recovering from aphasia.

Word-by-word the person with aphasia regains his/her ability to communicate. Initially the process is difficult for all the persons
involved: word-finding difficulties are persistent and the caregivers must often guess what the person with aphasia wanted to express. Often the person with aphasia is misunderstood or the caregiver interprets the utterance differently. Slowly word-by-word verbal and nonverbal communication improves. We would like to demonstrate how difficult the situation is for all the persons involved!

International Aphasia Awareness Month October 2015