The Slovenian section for aphasia includes patients with aphasia. The mission of the section is for people with aphasia to overcome the obstacles they face together since as many as a third of people after a stroke have problems communicating. The goals of the section are regular meetings of people with aphasia, as well as raising public awareness of aphasia. Besides, the aim is to establish as many such groups as possible, to enable more people with aphasia to socialize in Slovenia. The main activities of the section are socializing people with aphasia and organizing events for their family members and friends. Regular gatherings are held once a month, usually with group members talking about a selected topic, followed by a relaxed conversation over coffee. Heads of individual groups play an important role in this, as well as speech and language therapists. The activities of the section are not limited to Slovenia, the section also operates internationally – it is part of the Association International Aphasia.

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