Activities in Finland

We have had some support-group-activities for people with aphasia during the pandemic, via Zoom, Whatsapp-videos, in closed Facebook-groups etc. It has been quite a ride! The main thing is to try to keep in touch – remembering that not all have access to digital environments. But surprisingly many have been able to use video-conferencing, the motivation to see each other have been huge! Others have been talking first time via normal phone after the stroke. Big steps have been taken, but there is lot to do to give these opportunities to all who are in need.


This information-sheet, that has been translated into finnish, has been also quite popular:


The Tactus therapy was kind enough to give permission to translate their information-sheet that they did in March. I think it was quite nicely done and clear, here is the original one:


Greetings from Finland,

Maria Vinberg