The Sing Aphasia group led by Dr. Gillian Velmer has been doing pioneering work on online aphasia awareness through singing.

The group and their Speech and Language Pathologist and singer leader are based in New Jersey, USA, but they reach far beyond their borders. During the pandemic, they have organized several online international choir meetups with choirs from Colorado, Rhode Islands, Singapore and Hungary. Moreover, they have organized parking lot rehearsals and ZOOM singing sessions and a virtual aphasia choir.

Their current project is Sing Aphasia’s Summer 2021 Virtual Concert, which you can watch here:

Gillian appeared on the II. Spanish Virtual Aphasia Conference Dia de la Afasia 2021 and in American Speach-Language-Hearing Association’s ASHA leader magazine online. Click on this link to read the interview with Dr. Gillian Velmer – SLP leads international aphasia choir.

If you and your aphasia choir wish to be showcased on Sing Aphasia’s website, where Gillian is collecting contact details of all the aphasia choir in the world, you can contact Gillian: