Spring time for AIA

Berti Bruss

Springtime for Italian and Slovenian People with Aphasia

In mid-April 2022, at the headquarters of the Slovenian consulate in Triest, in the presence of the consul Vojko Volk and at the initiative of Jernej Sluga, President of the AIA (International Association Aphasie), a new path has began with regards to aphasia, as a pathological consequence of stroke, severe head injury and neurodegenerative diseases.

Furthermore, the meeting was attended by the music therapist and choir master of the “Coro degli Afasici di Alice” of Triest, Loredana Boito and the president of AITA FVG (Associazione Italiana Afasici), Giuseppe Bobbo. Marina Cebulec and Berti Bruss of the association Dis-Equality – tutti diversamente uguali were also attending.

The aim of this meeting was to transfer Boito’s know-how and experience to the health facilities of nearby Slovenia, in order to engage in cross-border development and collaboration in the field of aphasia.

At the end of May there will be the first meeting in Ljubljana, during which the project’s guidelines will be outlined.

Music therapy has been for decades an important ally in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from neurological conditions, especially those who have suffered a stroke with Broca’s aphasia. Music has the potential to “calm us, animate us and thrill us”, but it can also help us to “organize and synchronize ourselves both when working or playing”.

The rules of music, which are comparable to those of grammar, if learned and reinforced with therapy, can result in language improvements once believed impossible.
With the blessing of the Slovenian Consul in Italy, Vojko Volk, a new path in the world of human frailties has begun, in support of a universal language such as that of music.

April, 2022