Association Internationale Aphasia, AIA

is a non-profit organizatiion. It was founded by the late Raymond Bassem. It consists of representatives from national aphasia associations, particularly in Europe, but also in the U.S., Canada, Japan and Argentina.

AIA has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

The address is:

Association Internationale Aphasie (AIA)
c/o FEBAF- Aphasia asbl
Chausée de Wavre
1326 – Boite 9
B-1160 Bruxelles (Auderghem) Belgium

Since the early 1990s, the delegates of AIA – one from each member state – meet once a year for the General Assembly meeting. At this meeting issues related to aphasia are discussed with the aim of improving the communication among member states and organizations around the world. Ideas for joint projects are discussed.

A turning point in the history of AIA was in October 2008 at the AIA General Assembly meeting held in Tallinn, Estonia. A provisional Board of Governors took over the leadership of AIA until an extraordinary GA was held in April 2009 in Brussels to discuss AIA’s future and issues including how to make AIA more accessible to possible member states. This meeting was followed by a regular GA meeting in September 2009 in Brussels, where the future of AIA, questions about the constitutuion, new statutes and membership were discussed. At the regular GA meeting in September 2009 a new Board of Governors was elected.

As of September 2009, AIA began its process of renewal and rebuilding the organization. The president of AIA (Dr. Jacqueline Stark) was re-elected at the 2012 GA meeting in Toulouse, France. At that GA Meeting the presiding Board of Governors was also reelected, with the exception of Dr. Jean-Dominique Journet. He wishes to represent France as its delegate.